How To Be in the Right Place at the Right Time With the Equipment You Need For BEAUTIFUL Wildlife Photos...

If you have always wanted to capture photographs of wildlife in their natural environment, but have never had the opportunity to venture much beyond your own backyard - this website and ebook was written just for you. Here's what it is all about...

My name is Tobias. I'm a professional photographer and teacher of photography techniques to enthusiasts like you who want to take better photographs with their digital cameras. I teach new and experienced photographers how to use their cameras and take absolutely beautiful photographs, each and every time they take a shot.

I'm about to show you exactly what to do to change from taking boring, every day photographs to taking high quality wildlife photographs that capture the energy of the moment in vivid detail - whether you've been an avid photographer all your life or have just started.

Most photographers learn from taking courses and spending lots of time behind the lens through trial and error. But you can learn wildlife photography the quick way - I'll take you on the accelerated journey to creating the photographs you've always dreamed of taking.

Elephant in Namibia Elephant in the Etosha National Park (Namibia, Africa)

I was just like you once. I didn't know how to capture energy in my photographs, my photos didn't have depth, and most of my wildlife photos became a blur once printed. I would look at my lifeless photos and wonder what I was doing wrong.

I looked for help from other professional photographers, but they couldn't take time out of their busy schedules to help me.

I didn't have tons of time to take course after course, and every photography "how to" guide was so technical and detailed I couldn't make sense out of it - so I was just stuck - taking photographs that anybody could take and I didn't know what to do to make them better.

Just as I was about to give up on photography all together, I figured out what I was missing. The elements of a great photo - especially as required in wildlife photography! I finally figured it out!

Big elephant Another big elephant in Namibia

My first beautiful, wildlife photograph!

I'd accidentally figured out the secrets to taking exceptional wildlife photographs that captured the energy of my subject matter! And from that moment on, all of my photographs became worth sharing.

Zebra Fabulous colours of a zebra (I love it!)

So what did I discover? And how did I figure it out?

Well, first, I read the camera's instruction manual. This is a great place to start if you aren't sure what all the little gadgets and gizmos are and what they do. By taking the time to go through the instruction manual, I learned that digital photography is really not all that difficult once you have the basics down.

The camera and the ability to edit some aspects of your photographs on your computer after you take them make digital photography far more forgiving than a regular camera would be.

Then I figured out by using the right equipment, combined with being in the right place a the right time and knowing something about the wildlife I wanted to photograph - I could get photos that were a hundred times better than any I had ever taken before.

Lion Isn't this a majestic lion?

Because there is no simple guide for budding wildlife photographers, I decided to put everything I learned into an easy to read, easy to follow guide. This is the guide I wish I had when I was just getting started.

A no- nonsense, here's exactly what you need to know and nothing more type of book, that gets you off the couch and into the field to take some of the best wildlife photographs you've ever seen.

Learn and master digital wildlife photography ebook

Here's some of what you'll find in my
Wildlife Photography eBook:

  • Recommended equipment and accessories for wildlife photographers -- and you might be surprised how little you really need to get started.

  • Shooting techniques that help you capture a clear image using your digital camera's basic camera settings and a variety of shooting techniques.

  • Everything you need to know about image composition - this is the stuff that sets you apart from the amateur photographer: rule of thirds, perspective, and some specific details to help you capture wildlife portraits.

  • How to research your subject before you head out, so you know what to expect and can better plan your shots, as well as different types of wildlife photographs and how to prepare to best capture each.

  • Learning how to use creative composition to improve your wildlife photographs, from framing your subject to incorporating the background as an intentional part of your photo.

  • Learning to be in the right place at the right time to get your wildlife photos.

This is just an overview of what you'll find in this eBook - it's everything you need to really get started on your Wildlife Photography journey!

Our customers love wildlife photography.

Students from around the globe
depend on our e-course to get started
in wildlife photography.

"Your course gave me the confidence I needed to do the job"
Tobias, Thank you very much. I purchased your Learn & Master Digital Wildlife Photography course last month. Last Saturday, I did my first wildlife tour in Namibia. I used a lot of your tips and everything went better than planned. Thank you, your wildlife course gave me the confidence I needed to do the tour.

-- Jay, tourist guide

"Your time and money are valuable and this information will help you save both."
Whether you consider yourself a photography beginner or a seasoned pro who may be planning a wildlife photography tour - this e-course will help you make your trip a stunning success!

-- M, business owner


"The photos turned out better than I could of expected. Now all I can think of is, roll on wildlife shooting number two, three, etc."
Hey! This is Richard from Austria, Europe. I am an engineer but my passion and my heart is shooting wildlife. With your help I finished my first Tiger safari together with my wife in India. Just for fun I showed my work to our local newspaper and they licensed two Tiger portraits from me!!! Thank you so much!

-- Richard, passionate photographer

The best is yet to come...

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Total length of the audio version is 63 Minutes.

Bonus - audio version

Preview audio version

  • Listening to the audio version of this e-guide is convenient and it fits into the busy lifestyle...

  • You can listen to the chapters anytime anywhere, while you are walking, driving, shopping, waiting at a bus station or doing housework.

  • You can use it with your mp3 player, smartphone - or burn it onto a CD!

  • For many people, listening to an audio book is more entertaining and exciting than reading.

  • If you have to look at the computer monitor and documents for hours, listening to an audio book is more relaxing to your strained eyes after work.

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"Wildlife Photography Equipment List"

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Having the right gear for wildlife watching and photography is VERY important! Therefore you can litterally steal my carefully compiled equipment list incl. clothing, camera & lens covers and a lot more.

I have spent MONTHS researching this...

But you'll get everything you need -- including a complete equipment checklist, handy weblinks to supplier instructions and must-have equipment tips -- in this concise 26-page report!

Wildlife photography equipment guide

But there's more!

Since I know how hard it can be to get the necessary wildlife equipment (especially if you are just starting out), I will even share one of my most kept secrets with you!

I've learned the real "money-saving-secret" is knowing where to source your equipment (not just in wildlife photography!). After all, if you are serious about your photography career you need the right equipment and if you can afford it you should strive to get the best equipment that you need for your projects. Obviously you don't want to spend more than necessary, right?

To support you I'll even share my online sources where you can buy all the equipment. That's where the professional photographers buy!

...I wish I had such a complete equipment guide when I started my wildlife career!

Bonus #3

"Audio Version of my popular eBook called the
Beginner's Guide to Digital SLR Photography"

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Please note:
All audio files were produced from a voice artist in a professional recording studio!

Shooting wildlife involves a lot of camera equipment, right?
Then there's a lot of traveling to excotic destinations, beautiful animals, interesting people, good pay (yes, if you are good in shooting wildlife you will receive very healty paychecks!) etc.

But what most beginner's neglect is this: All the equipment means nothing if you are not in control of the basic camera settings. You have to master the basics first. This is the fundament and your tools of the trade as a photographer.

Therefore you'll exclusively receive the audio version of "Beginner's Guide to Digital SLR Photography".

Audio version of Beginner's Guide to Digital SLR Photography

Preview "ISO" chapter

Establishing a solid reputation as a photographer, improving your skills, and getting your photography ventures to the next level is surprisingly easy when you know what to do.

Yes, your ability to control the basics is key -- but it can also be confusing (especially for beginner's!).

So how do YOU improve your photography skills and profit from ALL the technical possibilities of your camera... without exploding your learning-curve and workload?

Good question! On this special audio guide, I'll take an in-depth look at the fundamental digital SLR camera settings like:

  • Aperture control

  • Shutter speed

  • ISO setting

Plus, how you can use them to create exceptional images...

... Quickly, easily, and efficiently!

Bonus #4

"COUPON for a review of a wildlife picture of your choice.
It's like having your personal wildlife photography guide!"

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Send me a wildlife picture of your choice and I will give you a feedback and if necessary some tips to improve your skills.

Coupon for a personal review of a wildlife picture that you can send me

Use this opportunity with your own wildlife picture. My photography tips and experiences will help you skip the learning curve so that you can create amazing images!

This ONE bonus is worth many times the price of my new eBook.

Probably at this point, you're wondering what this is going to set you back, or...

How Much Does This Wildlife Photography Book Cost?

You can continue what you're doing - taking photographs that you aren't overly impressed with and wishing you could learn the techniques you need to start taking exceptional, beautiful wildlife photos.

Eventually, you might figure it out the same way I did - a combination of many years of studying, trial and error and luck! But why not just take advantage of the time, experience, and information I've put together for you in this simple eBook?

You could take several photography courses and spend hundreds or thousands of dollars in educational costs and training sessions - or you could read this short book, which contains everything you need to do about wildlife photography in easy to understand text.

No extra nonsense, just the basic facts you need to start, right now.

Order your copy of the book for just $29.95.

And if you read it and try it - and you still don't like your photographs, I'll send your money back.

Doesn't $29.95 seem like a bargain for all you can learn? Buy and download your eBook and you'll be reading Learn & Master Digital Wildlife Photography in 2 minutes from now (even if it's 3am on a Friday night!)

Your purchase will generate an automated system that allows you to download the PDF file directly to your computer. You can read it straight from the computer screen or print it out.

Try the Book and my techniques for 60 days, Risk Free!

If the book doesn't help you improve your Wildlife Photography skills and you don't see better photographs as a result of applying the methods I share with you - ask me for a refund. I'll give you 100% of your money back without question or hassles.

Wishing you the best success in your photography ventures,

Tobias' Signiture
Author of "Learn & Master Digital Wildlife Photography"

P.S. I've packed all my knowledge about the important wildlife "need-to-knows" in this eBook and I am confident that it will be a huge help to you. However, if at any time during the next 2 month from buying this eBook you decide that it was a mistake, that the e-guide is not what you expected, then just send a quick e-mail to me and I'll refund you immediately - no questions asked.

P.P.S. Just think! You get the very same information that I share with students during guided tours. The difference? As a pro photographer I charge clients a lot more per hour. You get the same information (if not more) for only $29.95.

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Wildlife photography equipment list - this list is specially created to help you compile a powerful photography equipment that suits your goals and your budget! $10 FREE
Beginner's Guide to Digital SLR Photography Audio Version - "listen & learn" the fundamental SLR camera techniques (incl. detailed explanations of aperture control, shutter speed and ISO settings). $19 FREE
Coupon for a personal review of a wildlife picture of your choice (this alone is worth more than the entire price of your package). $50
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