Wedding Photography Courses

Taking wedding photography courses is a must for just about any aspiring photographer. Weddings happen every day, and hiring a reputable, quality photographer can be quite pricey!

Taking courses in wedding photography, however, will help you refine your skills and take high quality photos that will help you succeed in the field.

Before you look for a photography course, it may help to figure out what you want to get out of your hotography education.

Learn all you can before you embark on this journey!

According to other photography experts, wedding photography courses in the United Kingdom are quite in depth and give you more of an opportunity to be a part of the action.

Attend real weddings with Pixcellence

Pixcellence, a UK-based university gives students real world experience by letting them attend real weddings. They are accompanied by photographers, of course. This gives students a more hands on approach to wedding photography.

Not only do they get to learn from experts, but they also give you the opportunity to develop your own wedding photography style.

Attending real life weddings also gives you a sample of what it's like to be a wedding photographer. This also gives you the opportunity to build up a portfolio of your own. In the end, it will help you get your wedding photography career started.

Wedding photography courses cover other aspects of wedding photography, including

  • post-wedding review photography

  • wedding planning and preparation

  • as well as how to take photos on the actual day of a wedding

Professional photographer with bride Professional photographer with bride

The London Academy

The London Academy is a great school for photography students living in England and for those traveling abroad. According to the school's website, their wedding photography course will help you photograph different aspects of photography.

Wedding photography is widely popular, and it offers great pay to those who do it well! This school's photography course teaches you how to capture different parts of a wedding day that—parts that conjure up memories and feelings that remain with you for life.

Many students prefer taking courses online, because they are so convenient. is a great place to start, if you're looking to build a career in wedding photography. According to London Academy, a career in wedding photography almost ensures that you will be financially independent.

Wedding photography is very well paid!

Wedding photographers can make $1,000.00 for photographing a single wedding, the school's website says.

Why not participate in an online photography course? is another online college that offers courses in wedding photography. Offering courses in the fine arts, image editing and other creative fields, the school offers courses that are much different than traditional college classes.

All you need to take the course is a camera. Once you've taken the course, you're almost immediately certified as a licensed photographer. This is a self-paced course, so you can take your time; you can work on it any time of day.

Surprisingly enough, you can find free wedding photography courses online. According to, you can take courses in optics and film. Wedding photography courses are included in the curriculum as well.

According to, becoming a wedding photographer makes for a great part-time job.

However, you do need proper training to help you achieve that goal. The website offers a comprehensive course that covers multiple aspects of wedding photography. This exclusive one-year mentorship program covers all aspects of wedding photography, including:

  • business planning
  • management
  • internet marketing
  • and natural and artificial lighting

Black and white wedding photo Black and white wedding photo

Of course, finding the right course for you will depend on the school you choose to attend. Some colleges put wedding photography under the broad umbrella of fashion photography. Some wedding photography courses are simply 3-day workshops offered by private individuals or small organizations.

Websites, such as offer courses taught by professional photographers.

One such professional is Paul F. Gero.

He teaches an online course (Digital Wedding Photography) costs $348.00 -- it will teach you how to take flattering photos of both the bride and groom.

According to, you will learn effective ways to showcase and present photos you've taken to clients.

Please remember

Starting a career in wedding photography is an exciting and lucrative option!

Though it can be difficult to break into a career in this field, many budding photographers get their start by covering a friend's wedding for a low cost.

If you're looking into a career in wedding photography, take heart.

You can crack into the market by taking small gigs that lead to big profits :-)

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