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Top Photography Schools

If you're a student who's looking into top photography schools, you probably have a few questions, the first being:

"Where do I begin?"

To get your career started and on the fast track to success, take a look around.

Everywhere you turn you will find opportunities to dip your toes in the photography pool. Many countries offer top notch photography schools, but the United States is filled with an endless number of them. You can find a photography school in just about every corner of the United States, with only the exception of a few states.

Tucked away near the purple mountains in Arizona, you will find the Art Institute of Phoenix. The school offers a wide variety of course tracks including digital filmmaking and video production. Both fall under the wide umbrella of photography. The school's digital photography program covers the basics of lighting, photo composition and how to use equipment.

Learn how to use your equipment Learn how to use your equipment

Of course, the west is not the only area bubbling with top photography schools. According to other photography experts, the Art Institute of California - Hollywood has a wide variety of photography courses and tracks of study available. Located along trendy Hollywood streets, you will find that the school has many different locations, not only in California, but also in such states as Colorado, Florida and Virginia.

The United State's nation's capital is also home to a number of photography schools that are sought by both domestic and international students alike. This is partly due to the fact that people travel from all over the world to see the District of Columbia.

The Center for Imaging Arts at Boston University (CDIA) can also be found in Washington, DC. The college's DC headquarters offers courses in various aspects of photography including web and graphic design, audio production and 3D animation. Digital filmmaking is yet another area of study offered by the school.

Photography equipment Photography equipment

Also in the DC area, you will find Westwood College, which is located in Arlington, Virginia suburb which borders right along the nation's capital. Not only does the school have physical locations; it also has online schools, which teach students the same curriculum as they would experience in a classroom. The only difference is convenience. You can work on school any time of day, if you're enrolled in online classes.

When it comes to photography schools in California, the Brooks school of photography stands out from the rest. Not only does the school focus on current trends in the photography field; it also looks to the future of photography by offering courses in what will be popular in the future.

The school focuses on bring out different scenes in photography, whether it's a picture of nature or a photo depicting modern digital technology. Within the rooms of this school, you will find a wide variety of artwork, both digital and traditional.

By the way, depending on your aims photography graduate schools might be a good decision, too.

Top Photography Schools in Europe

Of course, the US is not the only country that is rich in photography schools. You will find many top photography schools tucked away in European countries, such as the United Kingdom and France. Established in 2008, the Manchester College came into being in Manchester, England with the intention of offering students a wide variety of course choices.

The school currently offers about 600 different courses at many different levels of education. The school offers programs that cover the gamut of photography including photography & digital imaging, graphic design and animation.

In France, you can find the Pont-Aven School of Contemporary Art (PASCA). Located in Brittany, France, PASCA encourages students to get in touch with their creativity by offering courses that allow them to express themselves through both photography and art.

Photography Institutes in Oceana

Even in Oceana, Australia and New Zealand, you will find photography institutes offering great opportunities to expand your photography knowledge.

Whitireia Community Polytechnic is yet another great photography school. Located in New Zealand, Whitireia Community Polytechnic offers certificates in advanced and practical photography. The school specializes in just about all creative arts, making it a great place for students with an interest in media.

In Melbourne, Australia, you will also find a wealth of photography schools. Photography Studies College is just one example of these schools. The school focuses on training students for various aspects of photography.

Regardless of where you go in the world, you will find a wealth of educational venues. All you need to do is picture your future :-)