Photography workshop Vietnam

Sign up for photography workshop Vietnam and find out what too few people know - this country offers a fascinating culture and outstanding scenery to the curious photography.

This photography workshop is actually a 10 day/10 night experience that focuses on the amazing Ho Chi Minh City.

Under the auspices of Foto Asia, travelers/photographers enjoy an exchange between European and Asian photographers.

"The purpose of Foto Asia is to promote and present in Europe exhibitions of young Asian photographers - who also run photo workshops throughout South-East Asia with the supervision of Nicolas Pascarel."

One of the benefits of the Vietnam tour is the personal attention given to individual photographers.

Group size is limited to seven people. Individuals may then choose to work with black-and-white images or color photos, and also have the option of working with film or in the digital format.

Photo of a woman rowing in Vietnam Beautiful nature and woman rowing

With comfortable accommodations in Ho Chi Minh City, participants experience "total immersion" in city life as well as in the charming towns of Hoi An and Hue.

While the nation of Vietnam provides excellent scenery and landscape photography opportunities, this workshop has a "photo journalism" main theme.

Individuals also select a particular theme that will guide their "narrative" for the 10-day tour.

Nice photo of the Halong Bay in Vietnam The most popular place in Vietnam - the Halong Bay

Photographers may take photos in a variety of settings, including daylight, moonlight, dusk and dawn. Six days are devoted to the city and its fascinating culture. On the remaining four days, participants travel to Hoi An to experience the "Chinese and French influences" of that community.

The goal for organizers is to help photographers put together "a body of work with personal strong individual images." Tour leader Pascarel is an experienced photojournalist, with time in Naples, Italy and Havana, Cuba in addition to his time in South East Asia.

Woman on a floating market in Vietnam Woman on a floating market

Cost of this workshop

Base cost are usually around 1300 Euro's (double occupancy), which includes workshop participation and all accommodations. Photographers stay in the heart of the city, surrounded by "French colonial architecture" and much more.

The district selected for accommodations is known for its calm atmosphere, allowing travelers to rest and recuperate after a day of photography.


You have to get a tourist Visa for Vietnam

A key benefit of the photography workshop Vietnam is the issuance of a Vietnamese telephone card for each photographer. These may be used with individual mobile phones so that intra-group communication is maintained.

As the workshop site explains, before participants come to the photography workshop you have to get a tourist Visa for Vietnam!

If you are one of the many people who have read about and heard about Vietnam and Ho Chi Minh City but have never experienced that part of the world, this workshop may be perfect for you.

Combine your cultural education and photography passion in this great opportunity.

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