Photography Schools Minnesota Students Trust

There are all kinds of different career paths that people can choose, but few are as fun and exciting as the world of photography.

There are so many different career opportunities in the photography industry, and if you are a trained photographer, you have many options available to you. In order to get that career in photography, you need to get the right education, and of course, you will want to find a school that is near your home and work.

There are a number of great photography schools Minnesota residents can attend, and these schools offer many different levels of training, from certificates to degree programs.

The Art Institutes International Minnesota

The Art Institutes have locations all across the United States and Canada, including Minneapolis, Minnesota. There are a variety of photography courses available for students, including Photography, Digital Photography, Photographic Imaging and Commercial Photography, each offering diplomas upon completion of course material.

The Art Institutes International Minnesota Contact Details

15 South 9th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55402-3105
Phone: 1.612.332.3361

Brown College

Here students are able to earn a Bachelor of Science in Digital Photography. This is a three year program with 180 credits needed to graduate. Student loans are available to eligible students, and there are many other types of financing that you can look into, including bursaries and scholarships.

Brown College Contact Details

1345 Mendota Heights Road
Mendota Heights, MN 55120

Dakota County Technical College

Here you can study Photographic Imaging Technology. You will learn about staging a photo session, digital enhancement and much more, which will prepare you to enter a four year college for a bachelor degree program, or even to start up your own photography business.

Dakota County Technical College Contact Details

1300 145th Street E.
Rosemount, MN 55068-2999
Phone: 651-423-8301

Minneapolis Community and Technical College

The program of study here is the Photography and Digital Imaging Program, where students can learn such techniques as fashion photography, portrait photography, lighting and metering, traditional darkroom techniques, and much, much more.

Here you will learn about digital and 35 mm photography, in one of three programs: Photography and Digital Imaging A.A.S.; Digital Imaging Diploma in Photography; and Certificate of Digital Imaging in Photography.

Minneapolis Community and Technical College Contact Details

1501 Hennepin Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55403
Phone: 612-659-6000

Online Study May Be a Good Option For You

One of the things that holds a lot of people back from continuing their educations is the fact that they just don't have time. Today's world is not the nine to five world we once knew, and people are working at jobs that have shifts at all hours of the day or night.

This can make it extremely difficult for some people to be able to attend traditional classes at colleges and universities. The same goes for anyone who wants to study photography. They may really want to go back to school to learn this art form, but, they don't have the time for taking classes.

One way to overcome this problem is by studying photography at home. There are a number of excellent online photography schools that offer courses, and these courses involve online studies. Basically, you take all of your classes online.

This way, you can take the classes whenever you have the time, and, unlike traditional classes, you can get the teacher to repeat things as many times as you want just by starting the lesson over.

These online photography classes are ideal photography schools Minnesota students can use to get the educations they want without having to sacrifice their current incomes.

Career Opportunities Available To You Upon Graduation From a Photography Program

There are many exciting career opportunities available to you once you have completed a photography program from a recognized institution. Of course, you will probably have to start out with an entry level position, such as a photo retoucher or photographer's assistant.

But, once you have worked in the industry for a little while, you will be better prepared for other positions, including photographer, photo editor, digital retoucher and more, and you can work in such industries as newspapers, magazines, portrait studios and many others.

You can learn a lot more about photography programs Minnesota students have been attending for many years by going online and searching photography schools Minnesota.

If you are interested in getting into a new line of work, and think that photography is a career that would really appeal to you, then it is time to look into attending one of these great schools and get on your way to your new career today.