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Photography Schools in Canada

All over the world, photography is evolving as a critical career in a global society. Photography schools are plentiful all throughout the world. The United States is a hot spot for photography schools, but photography schools in Canada are just as plentiful and consequently comprehensive in teaching students the tools of the trade.

Of course, these tools are put into action when you sit in the classrooms of Canadian photography schools. According to experts, photography colleges are considered trade schools and offer majors in a variety of areas, many of which pertain to the arts and photography.

Photography courses in Toronto

Photography Courses Toronto
Not only will you learn what you need to know to become a successful photographer you will be doing it in Canada's largest city.

Photography courses in Vancouver

Photography Courses in Vancouver
Vancouver, British Columbia is one of Canada's premier cities and is known around the world as a very cosmopolitan city. It presents some outstanding opportunities for studying in nearly every field. Photography courses in Vancouver are among the most sought-after programs in this exciting and challenging environment.

The Art Institute of Vancouver

The Art Institute of Vancouver is another branch of the Art Institute. The Art Institute is found all across North America and the world for that matter. This branch of the college is located in Burnaby, British Columbia.

The college takes an all-inclusive approach to photography by focusing on real-life photography experience through externships with outside companies or working in a campus atmosphere that allows you to interact with other students.

Either way, students have a hands-on approach to many work environments. These environments can provide inspiration for a career in photography and help students develop the people skills that are necessary for the trade.

Other branches of media play a huge part in helping students prepare for a degree in photography. Students can learn about art animation and glamour design. These fit well into a photography career, because many photographers will photograph models or people who are dressed up.

When it comes to academics, however, it helps to do your research. The school offers many design programs that can help you carve out a career in photography. Most budding photographers are designers by nature and can benefit from design courses, which can be applied to just about any aspect of photography.

Course offerings at the school include Fashion Design & Merchandizing, Digital Film & Video, and courses devoted to television and film. If you're looking for a golden example of photography schools, Canada is a gold mine.

The Vancouver Institute of Media Arts (VanArts)

The Vancouver Institute of Media Arts gave birth to a whole new world of photography education. Based out of Vancouver obviously, the school prides itself on its strong sense of specialization. Like many photography colleges, most of the school's professors are experts in the industry they teach.

This gives students a more in-depth learning experience-one that teaches them the fundamentals of every aspect of the trade.

Programs offered at the school are designed to help students obtain entry-level positions after they graduate. The school hopes that its graduates will go on to take careers in television, film, and a host of other photography- related fields. If you find yourself looking for photography schools in Canada, it appears that Vancouver is the place to be.

Dawson Institute of Photography

Then, there's the Dawson Institute of Photography. Located in the heart of Canada, this school is devoted to photography and other media arts. In addition to offering programs in photography, the school offers technical programs that will give you that extra edge to get into the field.

In terms of professional photography courses, you have a lot to choose from. You can acquire skills that are necessary to succeed in the field. Photography students will learn how to develop creative strategies, how to use camera equipment, and how to manipulate lighting.

Nice photo with mirror effect Creative photo with mirror effect

Another great thing about the school is that it offers a program in commercial photography. Called SAEC, this program falls under the continuing education category, which further expands your academic credit and experience.

Reeves College

Of course, Vancouver is not the only area touting great photography schools. In Alberta, Canada, you will find Reeves College, a school devoted to the media arts. Reeves College puts a new spin on the old world of photography.

The school touts computer graphic design as a new approach to photography. This only makes sense, because traditional photography is now transitioning into the digital world, taking the form of computer graphics and software design.

If you find yourself looking for Photography schools in Canada, be sure to check these out.