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What Are The Best Photography Schools in Asia?

Photography schools in Asia are in high demand, that's a well kown fact. What we here at best-photography-courses.com think is a bit different. In our opinion the Asian market for solid photography educations is booming by leaps and bounds!

Asia offers excessive possibilities for well educated and good photographers! The media is always looking for high talented people that can capture not only great images - but great emotions as well. As you might know there's a lot more than pressing a button on your camera!

My recent photography tour in Thailand literally blew me away! I especially enjoyed shooting in Bangkok. The Chao Praya river, the skyline, the people, daily life, night shooting etc. It's better if you do not get me started on that :-)

I've had a hotel room above the famous Chao Phraya river in Bangkok. From there I had a breathtaking view over the city.

My Canon camera mounted on a tripod in my hotel room above the Chao Phraya river in Bangkok Exceptional location for night shootings above Chao Phraya river in Bangkok

Yes, you can learn photography but the really good people in photography have some kind of 6th senth that often makes a difference between a good image and an image that just naturally draws attention.

Timing and light! Two ingredients in photography that are so important if you are shooting during the magical 30 minutes of a sunset. Here's an image I've taken during the boat trip to Pi Pi island in Thailand.

Sunset behind a huge rock in the water (near Pi Pi island in Thailand) Sunset behind a huge rock in the Andaman Sea

If you live in Asia and if you want to lift your photography skills to a professional level - you have some fantastic choices in terms of education (and you have some excellent perspectives in your future career as well)!

Photography Schools in India

Indian lady selling fruits and vegetables

Shari Academy of Professional Photography
The first thing a new visitor will notice when viewing the Shari Academy of Professional Photography website is the professional design and slide-show. But that's probably what you'd expect from a school that has been instructing professionals and serious amateurs for two decades.

Applied Art Institute in Mumbai, India

Sir J. J. Institute of Applied Art
Why would a quality art institute and center of education by called Sir J.J. Institute of Applied Art? That question will be answered as we "open" the door to this longstanding school and independent institute. Its connection with a local university makes it even more attractive to those who are interested in serious study.

Photography Schools in Thailand

Wat Arun temple Bangkok

Photography School Asia in Bangkok
Bangkok has a fantastic opportunity if you like to combine a vacation and an education in photography! Jonathan Taylor is the founder of the popular Photography School Asia were you can also enroll in a private study.

Photography Schools in the Philippines

Philippine Center for Creative Imaging

Philippine Center for Creative Imaging
If you are near the Philippines or plan to travel in this fascinating part of the world you may want to check out Philippine Center for Creative Imaging. Why? This institute is considered the nation's finest digital-arts training center.

Photography is an increasingly popular topic in Asia! For me that is absolutely no surprise. Asia has all the ingredients that it takes to get a world-class photography education, find a photography related job or become your own boss with your own photography business.

Decide what you want to achieve in your life. Want to learn photography? Search for a photography school that suits your needs (and your budget). The Asian countries offer such a variety in terms of people, culture and landscape that you should not have a problem to find a great spot for practising.

In the end you just have to act! Go for it, look forward and realize your dreams of a photography career!