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Types of Photography Courses

Looking for the different types of photography courses? Here's our special section that covers the most popular courses.

For each photography course below, you'll find tips, information and suggestions that should help you decide whether this could be a niche in your photography career.

Please note that it's generally better to specialize in a particular area rather than trying to shoot everything.

Most popular types of photography courses:

Advanced photography courses

Advanced Photography Courses
When it's time to take your photography experience to a whole new level you are probably thinking about advanced photography courses. In this case you have spent a few years capturing images with top-level equipment, maybe in a professional setting or semi-professional manner. There are plenty of opportunities to learn the details of the photography at the highest levels.

Beginners photography courses

Beginners Photography Courses
If you haven't learned about cameras and taking pictures over the past few years don't despair. These short-term classes and workshops are perfect for someone thinking about getting into photography in the age of digital cameras.

Black and white photography courses

Black And White Photography Courses
What is it about black-and-white photography that makes it so intriguing and useful at a time when colour-film photography and digital photography give us such magnificent results? We can look into the subject in detail to find out what the attraction is, but one way you can find out is by taking part in black and white photography courses offered at locations around the world.

Fashion photography courses

Fashion Photography Courses
Fashion photography courses are offered at some of the best schools in the world. But those institutions aren't necessarily your everyday college or university. Studying a specific program to become a professional fashion photographer will take some research and some serious thought about what you want to do in this exciting field.

Home photography courses

Home Photography Courses
Is there a "better" way to study photography? Perhaps the question should be "Which is best - a home photography course or taking a class in another location." In all honesty, the answer to this question depends on who you are, where you are and what your photography skill level is. For some, learning about photography through a home course is the best option.

Landscape photography courses

Landscape Photography Courses
If you want to establish a lucrative career as a photographyer - landscape photography can be a solid part of your growing portfolio.

Photography college courses

Photography College Courses
You should probably take a few preliminary steps before you jump at the first photography college courses you come across. Decide how far you are willing to go to get the right course for you. Are you willing to relocate? Will you be able to live in the United States, Europe or even across the country, with no family or old friends to support you? Once you make this decision you should understand what your photography skills are now. Then it might be time to look at specific schools.

Portrait photography courses

Portrait Photography Courses
When you enroll in one of the portrait photography courses you will learn to take great individual pictures. But it's also essential to learn how to effectively interact with your clients.

Professional photography courses

Professional Photography Courses
Is there one factor that drives people to choose professional photography courses? Honestly, it's difficult to narrow it down to just one. Professionals can make an excellent living, express their creative vision and live an exciting, challenging life. All of these are reasons to take the first step toward a career by studying with someone who has already "arrived."

Female photographer

Summer Photography Courses
Spend you summer in Europe enjoying the sights and sounds, history and culture. Add one more factor - summer photography courses - and you have the perfect life experience. The question is, "How do I choose the right summer course for me?" There are many summer programs offered so you'll have to devote some time to planning so that the trip will be enjoyable and fulfilling.

Travel photography courses

Travel Photography Courses
What if you could combine the two major passions of your life into one career and be paid well for it? Would you take the necessary steps?

Underwater photography courses

Underwater Photography Courses
There are many areas of specialization in the huge world of photography. As an underwater photographer - the ocean can truly be your classroom.

Wedding photography courses

Wedding Photography Courses
Wedding photography is HOT! If you want to become a professional photographer and want to make a living off of photography, see if this might be something for you.

Weekend photography courses

Weekend Photography Courses
If you are strapped for time during the week - a weekend photography course may be an option. But, what do they have to offer?

Wildlife photography courses

Wildlife Photography Courses
If you enjoy nature and animals and if you have patience - then a wildlife photography course may be something for you.

Photojournalism courses

Photojournalism Courses
Photojournalism is a bit different - you shoot were the news happens. But it can be a great choice in the field of photography.

Part time photography courses

Part Time Photography Courses
Many people just can't work on their photography skills and knowledge full time so they have to take short-term classes or attend a class once or twice a week. Fortunately this isn't a major obstacle anymore as many experienced professionals and photography groups offer just what the "part-timer" needs.

Photography evening courses

Photography Evening Courses
Let's face it. A lot of people have the desire to become better photographers but they don't seem to have enough time to make the improvements they want. That's where the photography evening course comes in. If you have a full-time job and a family, you may be able to improve your skills with a course that only takes a couple hours out of your evening schedule.

Short photography courses

Short Photography Courses
While the title of this article might lead some people to believe they can learn all they need to know about photography in a few minutes or a few days, the truth is a bit different. A short photography course doesn't require you to spend a lot of time on a college campus or attend evening/weekend classes week after week. But this form of study does require time and concentration.

Golf course photography

Golf Course Photography
What better way to learn about golf course photography than to get information from some of the premier photographers in the field. Add to this some preliminary information from a few schools and course instructors and you have a good start toward taking your place in a rewarding career. But keep in mind that this is a very competitive field. To work as a professional in this industry you'll have to be at the top of the game.

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