Photography Courses Manchester

When we start to look at photography courses Manchester we are narrowing the choices quite a bit simply because we are looking at what is available in a specific part of the U.K. Manchester is one of the better known cities in the country. It offers much of what people look for in urban living, as well as a strong cultural scene and sports atmosphere.

These few features may be enough to attract us to Manchester and programs like the Manchester Academy of Photography.

This school presents itself as:

A professional training Centre in the vibrant heart of Manchester's Northern Quarter.

Training is offered at the introductory level and in advanced digital photography. Experienced photographers/instructors also provide workshops in travel, documentary and street photography.

One of the keys to the popularity of such programs, at this academy or another workshop is the small group size. For example, students enjoy working with a professional teacher in groups of six or less. Because the teachers are active photographers the students learn more than theory.

Workshop programs of this size can also structure groups to fit the general skill and knowledge of the participants. Beginners are as welcome as more advanced students.

Try this address on for size: The Manchester Academy of Photography is based in "PeaceMaker offices on Port Street."

Town hall in Manchester, England Town Hall in Manchester, England

Breaking it Down

Some of the specific courses available at workshops and technical school training in Manchester include:

  • the single-lens reflex camera course for beginners
  • workshops meant to teach students about darkroom techniques and procedure
  • courses in production of fine art
  • fashion photography
  • glamour and model photography
  • landscape photography
  • and general photography for the amateur.

An introductory workshop might be spread over four evenings or could be condensed into two full days. This differs from university and technical school programs that might involve a complete semester.

Of course, students who choose the campus-based or online-university plan may have a degree as their goal. This is generally not the case for workshop students.

Because the science of photography has changed so much in the past 15 years or so many workshop courses, including photography courses Manchester, will focus on digital cameras and production of digital images. Most of these programs are of limited length and take the student through practical use of the camera as well as the filing and manipulation of photos on the computer.

One popular course in this British city covers two six-hour days over a weekend. Students are required to have their own digital camera and memory cards. Many of these courses have limited classroom time. The majority of the student's time is spent in the field, outdoors, learning to use the camera.

Another Option

Students who live in or near Manchester or who wish to travel to this city might choose the photography courses at Manchester Metropolitan University and the Manchester School of Art. This school offers a B.A. in Photography and an M.A. in Photography. The first is a three-year, full-time program. The second covers 48 weeks full-time.

Others may choose The Manchester School of Photography that offers "evening, weekday and weekend courses in Digital and Medium Format Film Photography.

Courses are available in these areas:

  • portrait
  • architecture
  • documentary and more.

As with most programs the student must provide the digital, single-lens-reflex camera for digital course or the medium-format camera for that program.

Several of the photography courses Manchester offer excellent opportunities for learning travel photography. The Manchester scene also offers an opportunity to study rock photography (and they aren't studying geology!) In fact, this hotbed of British music has a course that teaches students how to photograph musicians at work, both live and in the studio.

As the Manchester School of Photography Web site states:

Whether it's in the photo pit at a concert shooting some of the biggest names in music, setting up a photo shoot with a rock band, Rock Photography course will show all the skills you need to capture professional photos and build a stunning portfolio.

That seems to be just one of the great opportunities in this hard-working, fascinating British city.

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