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Photography Courses Europe

Photography courses Europe offer you countless opportunities. Not only do you find excellent photography courses and schools in many European countries. You will also have the chance to visit some of the most exciting countries in the world!

European countries are relatively small and you will have no problem to "hop" from one country to another. Looking for some romance? You can't beat Italy. Dive into another culture with delicious food? Go to Spain.

Smiling photographer in cinque terre italy Smiling photographer in Cinque Terre, Italy

The side effect? You will have fantastic motives for your photography adventures. If you ever visit Venice in Italy for example, you will find some of the most exciting spots to photograph.

And don't forget, learning is one thing. DOING and PRACTICING photography is another thing. So, go out and practice :-)

First read - Photography studies in Europe

Photography studies in Europe

Photography studies in Europe
While many students want to have the opportunity for photography studies in Europe the truth is that only a small percentage ever gets the chance.

Some who dream of this fascinating course of study give up on the dream. This article provides an overview of Europe as a base for learning about photography.

Top photography schools Europe

Top photography schools in Europe
There are hundreds of excellent locations around the world for studying photography. It is difficult to select one of these spots, because of the history, scenery and architecture.

But some of the top photography schools in Europe offer all of this, in addition to the outstanding technical training you need.

Top Photography Courses in Europe

United Kingdom

Photography courses UK

Photography Courses UK
When someone mentions photography courses UK the first thing most people think of is "London." There's nothing wrong with that idea, because this great city offers several opportunities to enhance your skills and expand your knowledge of photography. But there are wonderful opportunities elsewhere in the UK, including Ireland and Scotland, just to name a couple.

Photography courses London

Photography Courses London
The issue with photography courses in London is not finding a photography program but choosing from among the many good options. If formal classroom and field instruction are your goal there are colleges, universities and academies that offer degree programs. If skill enhancement and continuing education are your goal, there are plenty of workshops, short-term courses and day classes to choose from.

Photography courses Manchester

Photography Courses Manchester
The phrase "photography courses" covers a lot of possibilities, from a couple of hours to learn the basics of using a camera to longer programs that focus on serious photography and image production. Add the word "Manchester" to the mix for another facet altogether.

Photography courses Scotland

Photography Courses Scotland
If you plan to learn more about photography what better way to do it than with photography courses in Scotland. This stark but beautiful land is home to a number of world-class photography workshops, college courses and short courses that will improve your skills.

Photography courses Edinburgh

Photography Courses Edinburgh
Many people have dreamed of traveling and taking photos of the interesting and beautiful places they see. They may capture images of architecture, landscapes, ocean scenes or people and culture. Scotland offers all of that, especially with expert training from photography courses in Edinburgh.

Photography courses Dublin

Photography Courses Dublin
It's a city with a long and fascinating history. In this jewel on the Emerald Isle you will find photography subjects galore. Take to the streets with what you've learned from photography courses in Dublin and make Ireland's major city your picture playground.


Art school in Paris

Art School in Paris
Why is Art School in Paris such a broad category? The answer has to be: Because there are just so many choices. After all, the City of Lights has long been a prime destination for those who wish to experience one of the most creative atmospheres in the world.

Digital photography school in Paris

Digital Photography School in Paris
Most professional photographers and just about any amateurs who know the truth will say that digital photography is not the trend or the future. Digital photography is now! It's here and it is the state of the industry. So, digital photography school in Paris is a great idea for photographers of all skill levels.


Photography courses Barcelona

Barcelona Photography Courses
Barcelona is an amazing city and has so much to offer for photography! The flair, the culture and the people - an excellent combination and almost always photogenic. Find out more about a great photography course (and city tour at the same time!) that is taught by two professionals.


Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna

Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna
A great education from the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna is one thing that could make a visit to this wonderful city better. Vienna is an "old" city with a wonderful history. In fact, the academy has its roots in the 17th century. It's been in continuous operation for several centuries!