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Photography Courses Australia

It's impossible to cover all the choices among photography courses in Australia so we'll just have to provide a few key examples. We're not necessarily recommending one course or program over another, though all of them would be suitable for someone who wants to become a better photographer!

Photography courses in one of the largest Australian cities, Sydney, cover the entire gamut - from half-day tours led by professionals to full university-level programs.

One of the offerings for beginners features a walking tour of colonial Sydney. Attendance in this short course is limited to eight students so you know you'll get plenty of expert attention.

Students are accompanied on the walking tour of historic Sydney for four hours. Since this is a beginner's course, all you will need is a simple camera and some enthusiasm.

The group will make its way through Elizabeth Bay and Paddington, all the while hearing great tips and ideas from an expert instructor. Cost is just AU$95!

Amazing Landscapes - Perfect Conditions For Photographers

Australia is HUGE! And just like a coin it has two sides. On the one hand the country provides exceptional landscapes. Australia is really blessed with natural beauty and no matter to whom I talk - Australia is just such a rich country for photographers.

On the other hand the countrie's huge proportions are also what can be a disadvantage for your photography ventures. Why? Simply because you will have to travel long distances to reach the next spot.

But if you have the time and the budget - Australia is just like a fabulous treasure :-)

Outback road in Australia Outback road in Australia

The Outback is a must-see. At least in my opinion. The brown colours, the carst... I love it!

Female photographer on perfect white beach in Tasmania, Australia Female photographer on perfect white beach in Tasmania, Australia

Deserted, beautiful places that just beg to be the next motive for your camera.

Oh, and besides all the great things about Australia - there's one more plus point. The diversity! From jungle-like landscapes to amazing beaches...Australia really has it all!

Multiple Choice

A quick search for information about photography courses in Australia reveals an entire list of options for all skill levels. There are introductory courses for Photoshop and creative photography courses held in Newcastle. You can even get a special course in night photography, in a workshop setting. This course is available in Melbourne.

Do you need some additional training for traditional darkroom techniques? Never fear, there are plenty of opportunities for that area as well. In addition, there is a "digital darkroom" course for beginners held in Brighton.

For the ocean and surf enthusiast there is a surfer's paradise course available as well. This exciting opportunity is held on Australia's Gold Coast.

surfer at Australia's famous Bondi beach Australia's famous Bondi Beach with surfer and photographer

Here are a few more examples from the extensive list of photography courses in Australia:

  • Travel photography - Brisbane

  • Building a portfolio

  • One-day beginners digital photography

  • Freelance photography certificate

  • Make up for photography

  • Creative lighting master class

  • High impact portraiture

  • And many, many more...

Moving on to another top-shelf location for photography courses in Australia, we come to Adelaide, in the south part of the country. The Centre for Creative Photography is presented as "the largest and foremost photography school" in this city, offering certificate and diploma programs as well as one-day workshops and short courses.

The centre teaches "photography courses for all levels, from introductory to professional commercial and exhibition photography." Founded in 1997 by Gavin Blake, the centre is a private educational institution led by a professional with nearly 30 years of experience.

It's representative of the quality schools located throughout Australia, providing access to studio and darkroom facilities in addition to classes led by recognized professionals.

Students are in charge of The Light Gallery @ The Centre, just one of the "many tangible opportunities and facets available for those wishing to extend their career even further with the CCP." Tuition at the centre brings you expert instruction, quality facilities, extended access to the centre apart from class hours, strong programs for employment assistance and professional guidance during portfolio development.

Out West

It wouldn't do to ignore the beautiful city of Perth in Western Australia.

Skyline of Perth, Western Australia Beautiufl Skyline of Perth in Western Australia

One good example among photography courses in Australia comes from this west-coast city. Programs associated with the Central Institute of Technology include:

  • Advanced Diploma of Photography

  • Certificate IV in Photoimaging

  • Creative People & Portrait Photography

  • Creative Photography - Basic

  • Creative Photography - Intermediate

  • and Diploma of Photoimaging

The institute has six campuses in the Perth area, all close to the excellent art galleries, restaurants, theatres and other attractions. This school, like many others in Australia, offers numerous accredited courses for everyone from the beginner to the advanced student seeking a degree.

Central Institute of Technology, in the heart of Perth's business district, is known as one of the leading vocation education and training schools in the country. Programs are carefully divided into eight study areas so that students may focus on the skills and techniques they need.

If you are searching for quality instruction, expert guidance and a fascinating place to study, photography courses in Australia might be the place you're looking for.

Photography courses in major cities

Specific institutes in Australia

Photography Studies College in Melbourne
Start your search for excellent photography courses in Australia and you will eventually end up looking at a Photography Studies College in Melbourne. This great city is located on the south coast of Australia. Not only will you find some of the best photography programs here you will be treated to one of the fine cities of the world.

Brisbane College of Photography and Art
In many situations, the name says it all. This is true for the Brisbane College of Photography and Art, without a doubt. Located in Queensland, the city is that state's most populous and the third-largest in Australia (2 million people). Lying on the curving Brisbane River, the city is home to the photography and art college founded in 1993. Emphasis is on still photography, with a focus on "relevant practical content."

Focus 10 Photography
Focus 10 is all about photography, as much as any professional organization can be. Photography courses, workshops, studio training, portraits, weddings, real estate - you name it, they can help you become better at it! While people in Australia might be familiar with Focus 10, this group of energetic professionals takes their passion to locations around the world.

Photography Courses in New Zealand

Photography Courses in New Zealand
When people think of this island country they may not think of photography courses New Zealand. In today's entertainment-loaded world they probably think about the beautiful, rugged land as the place where the Lord of the Rings trilogy was filmed. But the country's amazing landscape may be one of the best reasons to study photography there.