Photography Art Schools

There are dozens of schools that will prepare you for a career in photography. Among these schools are many that have specific programs if you are interested in photography that is also art, a different world from other types of photography.

One key area of instruction in photography art schools focuses on helping students develop an artistic eye. Students are encouraged to find an individual style that suits them and works for them as the build a portfolio.

Programs are tailored to those who seek a Bachelor degree and/or a Masters degree, with concentration on fine art. Sub-categories and areas of study include fine-art black-and-white photography, fine-art nature photography and the more general fine-art photography. Graduates may work as independent fine-art photographers, work for an established photographer or become part of a museum staff, for example.

Art and Science

The goal of top photography art schools is to carefully train students so they become technically proficient and artistically sound. As mentioned, each student develops a style, which is defined by the general subject of work, use of camera and development technique and other factors. Design skills and original ideas are very important in the development of a fine-art photography student.


the ultimate goal is to create images that are creative and memorable

Students holding a Bachelor of Fine Arts and/or a Master of Fine Arts may work in related areas but the ultimate goal is to create images that are creative and memorable!

It is essential to understand mood, atmosphere and point of view, along with the technical skills involved in lighting and composition. Knowledge of both classic film techniques and newer digital processes are important as well.

Around the Globe

Where do you find photography art schools that prepare a student for work in the profession? Which schools can help a student understand the styles and trends of fine-art photography while gaining skills with photography equipment?

Quality educational opportunities are found on almost every continent around the world, in large cities, medium-size communities and even in small towns. While we don't intend to recommend a particular school or a certain type of photography program it is important to consider some representative schools that are known to prepare fine-art photography students.

For example, the Academy of Art University was "Founded in San Francisco by Artists for Artists." Some of the key words to look for when searching for photography art schools are "strong foundation," "innovation" and "individual style."

The Academy of Art University focuses on these concepts, as do schools such as the Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara and The Art Institute of Pittsburgh.

What about studying photography in Europe?

A different experience is available at Metafora in Barcelona, Spain. This international art school is located in an "international centre of contemporary art and art therapy." About 30 to 35 students study in the program each year.

While the fine-art curriculum here is more general the school is known for preparing art students to work at higher creative levels.

In your search for just the right photography art schools you may want to learn more about institutions such as The School of Art and Design in Berlin or The University of the Arts in London (specifically the London College of Communication).

The Master of Arts degree in photography at the school in England is a one-year, full-time program that covers 45 weeks. The program can also be spread over two years on a part-time basis.

Another location that many students choose when interested in photography art schools is France. For example, the Ecole des Beaux-Arts is a general term applied to a select number of art schools in France. Instruction in English is available at Parsons Paris, a private university that strives to provide a "global perspective that is unique in art and design education.

Final words...

BFA programs are available in photography and many other areas of art instruction. Whether you choose one of the excellent photography art schools in Europe (please also see photography courses Europe), the United States or another location be sure to look for a strong combination of technical instruction and art instruction.

Consider student/teacher ratio because smaller classes tend to be more effective for those who are serious about fine-art photography.

Tuition costs vary widely, depending on location and intensity of instruction. But if you make the correct choice you will be on the path toward a rewarding career in fine-art photography.