Photographic Tour of Laos

Let's take a look at the basics of the photographic tour of Laos, as described by the organizer's Website.

This is a 13-day/12-night tour if you depart from London or a 12-day/11-night tour if your point of departure is Chiang Mai to Bangkok. Hotel accommodations are available as are guest-house accommodations and lodge accommodations.

Groups are limited to 10 participants or less, with a usual minimum of four people. Walking and hiking is considered "easy" with no more than three hours of hiking on any one day. Meals are "bed and breakfast" style. Base cost is 2,700 GBP from London and 1,650 otherwise.

The bulk of the trip is escorted/supervised by professional photographer Nathan Horton. No advance visa is required.

Participants will receive a 30-day visa on "arrival in Chiang Mai or at the Lao border." Cost is $35.

If you are interested in this tour be sure to check with the proper officials for visa/passport/travel requirements.

One highlight of a photography tour through Laos (and Southeast Asia in general) are the amazing landscapes. The diversity is extreme - and that's what so many photographers from around the world appreciate.

Those are just perfect conditions to shoot!

An example? Just have a look at those beautiful little waterfalls (eventually, the turqouse waters extend to over 50 meters!):

Phuang Si Waterfall in Laos Phuang Si Waterfall in Laos

Some of the highlights of the photographic tour of Laos are:

  • Dramatic landscapes

  • Brightly decorated temples

  • Orange-robed monks

  • Hill tribe culture

Photo of a beautiful mountain range with houses in front (Laos, Asia) Houses with extreme landscape in the background

One of the best ways to understand just what is in store on this tour is to read the mission statement provided by All Points East, the trip's organizer.

"In keeping with the All Points East philosophy, this trip intends to emphasize low profile/low impact travel with genuinely small groups, that focuses on the local people, their culture and traditions as well the landscapes and environment whilst minimizing negative effects and maximizing the positive potential of tourism in off-the-beaten-track regions."

Laos is perfect for adventurous photographers!

Travel on this tour takes participants through mountainous terrain and lush jungles. One destination on the trip is the nation's ancient capital, which has been designated a World Heritage Site.

Photographers also visit the current capital of Vientiane.

Beautiful temples of Laos Temples in Laos - a fantastic motive to shoot

Of course, under the guidance of "professional travel photographer" Nathan Horton, you also get

"hands on photographic assistance, photo tips and advice, photo presentation" and more. Horton lives in Cambodia, which will certainly help you enjoy one of the "most stimulating photographic environments in the world."

Some basic information about Laos

This nation was a kingdom for several centuries and eventually became a French "protectorate" in the late 1800s.

After enjoying very brief independence in the 1940s and gained autonomy in 1949. It is now a socialist republic under the supervision of a single political party.

Tour participants will experience a country with an official language of its own (Lao). The country is moving forward in a modern way, providing electricity to surrounding countries.

While Laos may be lesser known than some of its neighboring countries, it certainly offers fascinating photo opportunities!

Ancient architecture sits side by side with outstanding landscapes and scenery.

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