Online Photography Training

Online photography training is abuzz on every corner of the globe. From the United States to Europe, and to the far reaches of Australia, finding the right training for you is easy, especially when so much is available.

For the serious photography student, finding online courses and training that meet their needs is of paramount importance. People today have less time than they did years ago, and the demands on that time are steadily mounting.

A gorgeous temple in Sri Lanka with sky and moon Temple with moon and sky in Sri Lanka

So where do you turn when you don't have time to pursue a traditional on-site education?

You go to the internet. Hop on any search engine, and you will find an endless number of online photography training courses. Many of these last for several months, while others can last for as little as one day.

One-day courses are convenient for people who don't have time to dedicate to ongoing education. If you're one of these busy people, you know the feeling. You don't have time. You're tried. And so, you turn to the next best thing: The internet.

You don't always have to pay for photography training that you receive. In fact, there are many websites that give you the opportunity to learn photography from the comfort of your own home., a website devoted to photography, offers free courses on photography for both the beginner and the novice. The site's goal is to help you take better pictures and a wide variety of other topics. Each tutorial will help you fine tune your skills to the next level.

According to experts at, people get so used to the process of clicking and shooting a digital camera that they forget that human skills are needed to take great photos.

This is a nice photography of the roof of Munich's famous Olympic Stadium (plus the sun in the background) Shooting great architecture - roof of the Olympic Stadium in Munich, Germany

That's why it is recommended that you take many, if not all online tutorials on the site. Here, you can find very basic tutorials that focus on the art of holding a camera to more complicated topics, such as how to use pixels in digital photography. They also offer online photography training courses on lighting, racketing exposures and inverse square law. These topics are quite specialized and are a great way to learn about photography for free.

Accredited online photography colleges

Then, you have accredited online photography college. Online photography training courses can be found in just about every country around the world and are available to anyone day or night.

Ashworth College, a Canadian-based online photography college, can help photography students as well. The school offers courses on how to use Photoshop.

These courses are great for the serious photographer, because Photoshop is such a critical editing tool.

Working in Photoshop is very important Image editing in Photoshop

Kelby Training is yet another sites that offers a bunch of online photography courses. Each course focuses on a unique aspect of photography. You can take a three-part training course on lighting, shooting and retouching. Scott Kelby teaches the course on lighting, shooting and retouching.

Then, the site offers training courses on senior portraits. James Schmelzer is yet another teacher offering courses on Schmelzer teaches lighting techniques for those who wish to take senior portraits.

Graphic design is also at the heart of many training courses offered on this site. You can learn how to use Adobe Acrobat for graphic design. Adobe Acrobat can be difficult to learn, especially if you're a beginner. However, the program is essential to almost every photographer's career.

In the Adobe Acrobat course, you will learn how to create PDFs for both the internet and printed media. This course is broken down into a multitude of lessons. First, you will learn how to create PDFs using a variety of programs, such as Photoshop and Illustrator. You can also learn how to create digital signatures.

Tight budget?

If you're looking for online training, there are many low-cost course options available.

Free & Affordable Distance Education offers courses on online and digital photography for as little as $99.99. You can take an online photography certification course on the site for $49.99. All study guides and practice tests can be found online.

Many websites maintain lists of online photography training courses, so it is easy to find what you want. If you're like most serious photographers, chances are that you've looked into your options. If you're busy like most people, online courses are probably your best bet.