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Do you strive to learn photography?

It really is an exciting and rewarding field!

It doesn't mattter whether you want to shoot as a hobbyist or as a professional. This page provides some interesting articles that teach you some of the basic things you need in order to create great photos.

Find a camera equipment that suits your needs

Depending on your needs (and your budget!), try to find a camera based on your needs. That is a very important first step.

Apple MacBook Pro and a Canon EOS 30D camera body with an attached 24-105mm L IS USM lens I love Canon (here one of my cameras: EOS 30D with 24-105mm L IS USM).
And for all the photo editing I use Apple (MacBook Pro for mobility reasons).

Get to know your camera

The most professional camera (just like the Canon EOS-1D Mark V) will mean nothing if you are unable to adjust the settings. Indeed, chances are good that you won't even make one great shot!

You should be able to use the camera's basic functions.

My point of view

I know that some might argue that you should first get the theoretical knowledge.

I don't think so.

You must be familiar with your camera first. Put in a memory card, screw a lens on, engage it etc. You really don't have to know every detail - just the basic stuff.

Why is that so important?

Why is that so important?

  • Fear of the technique may decline

  • If you can manage simple things (like changing the memory card) you will gain trust in yourself

  • Your body (and your brain) will quickly acquire the routine work (after a while your fingers will do certain adjustments nearly on their own!)

Canon EOS 30D camera display Camera display to adjust the settings.

Theoretical knowledge

Get a book or a home learning DVD set and learn the basic photography methods. Again, that does not mean to know all the details - the basic stuff is all you need to know right now.

Some examples could be:

  • Zooming with the lens

  • Shutter speed

  • Aperture

  • ISO setting (light sensitivity)

  • etc.

Practical experience

Now is the time to apply the acquired knowledge!

Don't be shy. Just go out, spot something, do your best ... and have fun! :-)

Whether it's a snowscape...

View towards the Alps in Lenngries, Germany Beautiful Alps in Lenggries (south of Munich), Germany

Or, if you prefer a mediterranean climate, beautiful palm trees. Just practise.

Photograph of a palm tree with nice blue sky Nice green palm trees & blue sky on Vir island, Croatia

Now you should be at a serious level. It's time to think about pushing your skills higher and higher.

Further articles

Learn to be a photographer

Learn to be a Photographer
If you want to learn to be a photographer you have a lot of choices. Your options include home-study courses, one-day workshops, seminars, short-term college courses and degree programs from established universities and art schools.

Any one of these can help you become a better photographer, but you will have to set a definite goal first. Know what you want to achieve before you start.

Learn basic photography

Learn Basic Photography
If you are one of those technically-challenged individuals who have trouble getting the coffee maker to work - you best read this article. Check out our must read tips for the amateur shutterbug...

Learn digital photography

Learn Digital Photography
The first thing you will need to understand is the combination of science and art. Sure, the science helps you in operating the camera but you are still the one who needs to capture the moment. Here are some tips that may help you.

Learn photography online

Learn Photography Online
In the old days it would have taken you days just to figure out the right resource to aid you in learning photography, but since this is the super technological age, it's really easy. Find out more if distance learning may be something for you.

Learn glamour photography

Learn Glamour Photography
Glamour photography has it's roots with French Postcards' which were sold by street vendors in France. The famous Playboy magazine changed this type of photography completely. A real challange for photographers - an exciting challenge!

Learn landscape photography

Learn Landscape Photography
Indeed, shooting landscapes can be very rewarding. But before you grab your camera and travel gear, you best be aware of some tips associated with this type of photography genre.

Photography Tips

Wedding photography ideas

Wedding Photography Ideas
If you are considering photography as a career, you should seriously consider wedding photography. No, capturing those moments is not easy, but it's always in demand and wedding photographers generally make a nice amount of money per wedding. So it is important to have all kinds of ideas!

Fashion photography tips

Fashion Photography Tips
Many people like to combine their passion for fashion and for photography. Yes, you basically need "style" and a camera. If you are good you can turn a snapshot into a piece of true art.

BUT there are a lot of things that really make a great fashion photography stand out and it really takes hard work and passion for your job.