Institutes that offer wildlife photography courses in India

by Kaushik Bhar

Hi! My name is Kaushik Bhar. I am in INDIA and I want to learn wildlife photography. I want to learn photography under u. How can I go there? I know photoshop. Right now I'm doing a job. Please help me. Do u name some of the institute where I can do a course in wildlife photography course. Please help me. I need your help. I saw the great website.

Thank you so much!!!


Hi Kaushik,

for me it seems that wildlife photography is one of the hottest areas of photography (at least in these days) becuase I receive a lot of emails regarding wildlife. And the second trend I identified is that a lot of my visitors are looking for an education in India!

I am totally honest and I am currently more involved in photography schools and courses in Europe, the United States and Canada. I just have one serious article on my website which is related to the Asia-Pacific area. That's the Photography School Asia in Bangkok.

I first need to identify the educational institutes in the Asia-Pacific area (especially India). I really want to help people interested in professional photography in this area. Indeed, in the long run I want to cover all photography institutes around the world.

I am really sorry that I have no specific information about institutes in India. There's one website with a selection of Art Colleges in India. Please note that in Europe and the USA you can study photography at "Art Schols" (photography art schools) - they see Photography as an art (and I think that's true).

Have a look at this site about education in India.

Maybe there's an institution in your area.
I personally just can recommend to first get the right education. Yes, it can be quite expensive during this learning-curve, but it will help you later when you are ready to work and earn money. Learn the basics and get your photography degree (yes, it's a piece of paper but that paper can be worth a lot).

Sorry again that I can't be more specific with photography institutes in India. I will expand this area onto my website soon.

Greetings to India!!

All the best,

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Mar 09, 2011
Thank you for responding
by: Kaushik

Hi Tobias,
First of all I want to thank you for responding to my mail. Tobias I want to say that, right now it is impossible for me to get an admission in the photography institute abroad. If I am somehow be able to learn a photography course from India, will you help me to get a job abroad? How is it possible to go abroad? I want to learn under you for gaining knowledge and experience in photography. Please help me.
Thanks, Kaushik


Hi Kaushik,

you are welcome - and sorry for my late answer...

I just can ecourage everyone to take a real education in photography (but it's a lot of work and you have to be ultra motivated in my opinion).

Unfortunately, I am not able to help individuals to get specific courses, teach photography etc. It would be a treadmill - simply spoken.

I receive a lot of inquiries each and every day from the photography website. I really try to answer every one, but it's simply not possible (at least if you are doing everything yourself). Doing offline work with institutions, jobs etc. would be to much for me. I hope you understand this.

Nevertheless, I wish you all the best for your photography career!
Best regards,

Jul 27, 2011
Online Photography Degree
by: Dinesh Alluri

Hi, this is Dinesh! I am a software engineer by profession. I would like to take photography as a career in the next few years.

As of now I can't go with regular studies, so please let me know of any good and affordable institutes that offer online education.

Please let me know a best course and also best institute that matches my requirements, where the course should help me in moving to masters too..

Aug 01, 2011
Two resources for photography colleges in India
by: Tobias

Hi Dinesh,

I am still looking for an excellent online photography course in India (and I really mean 100% online). As of today I haven't found one.

Just as a tip - here are two great places to start with:

1. Light & Life Academy - this is a full-time (one-year) PG diploma in professional photography. You will also have the chance to customize your studies in a specific area like portrait photography, architecture and interiors, photojournalism and so on.

What's also a big plus for this diploma is the fact that your teacher really knows what he's talking about ... he's one of the best advertising photographers in India!

2. WebIndia - They have a couple of great links to photography institutes in India.


As for the cost: That really depends!

If others know of an online photography course in India - please comment here! Thanks!

All the best,

Sep 23, 2011
Wildlife photography besides a normal job
by: varun

Hello, I am a under graduate student of mechanical engineering in India, I am about to do my MS,phd in aerospace sciences, but a I am very much fascinated to wildlife biology and wildlife photography. Can I do a phd in those areas after my PhD in astronomy because as a profession I wanna become astrophysicist precisely and as a hobby I wanna be a wildlife photographer. Please solve my query at this field, thank you so much. Varun

Oct 01, 2011
Everything is possible
by: Tobias

Hi Varun,

personally speaking, I always like the idea to do a "normal job" and study part time. That way you will have the money needed to fund your education and if anything goes wrong you still have your normal job.

So, it's definitely possible to become a wildlife photographer besides your aerospace job. Everything is possible :-)

All the best,

Oct 16, 2011
I want to become a wildlife photographer
by: kavitha

This is kavitha. I have completed M.Sc. (Computer science and Information technology)...but I don't have any interest to work for IT field....I would like to become a wildlife photographer only....I had finished my pg with a help of education loan...anymore if I want to study means how can I get education loan to study wildlife photography? I am from Tamilnadu, so I also want to know which is the best education center for wildlife photography in tamilnadu?

I cant die without become wildlife photographer. My aim is to come to Discovery channel, National Geographic channel, Animal Planet channel. Also all the time I use to watch these channels only.

By Kavitha (future wildlife photographer).

Oct 31, 2011
Two new photography institutes in India
by: Tobias

Hi Kavitha,

for me it seems that you really have a passion for photography and wildlife. That's fantastic and I can feel it between the lines you wrote.

First of all, congratulations on your finished Master of Science degree! I know from personal experience how hard it is to get this piece of paper :-)

What I do not really understand is this: Do you discovered your passion for photography during your studies in informatin technology? If so, I can understand that you want to start all over.

As for the student loans: You should know that better than I do. How did you received the loans for your M.Sc. studies? I would try the same for your new degree program.

The educational institutes in Tamilnadu are out of my expertise. Actually, I've never heard of it - but as you can image, there are meanwhile thousands of art schools, colleges and universities around the globe.

You might want to check out my articles on these two institutes in India:

1. Shari Academy of Professional Photography

2. Sir J. J. Institute of Applied Art

I am always happy to receive tips and suggestions on other high-quality schools in India, so if you know of any - please share them with us!

All the best,

Jun 04, 2012
Any distance learning course in wildlife and nature photography?
by: boney

Hi, i am a b-tech student in mechanical engineering. But i have interest in wilfdlife and nature photography. Sir, can u help me to find a distance learning course in photography in india OR abroad?
Thank U :-)

Jun 12, 2012
Online wildlife photography course is coming
by: Tobias

Hi Boney,

yes, I can help you to find a wildlife course. I have just finished a complete wildlife e-guide! It will be ready for download in a few days.

I will inform you here as soon as the download page is ready.

All the best,

Jun 19, 2012
My dream to become a wildlife photoghrapher
by: Shikha jain

Hello sir,

I am shikha jain. I am pursuing MBA from Gwalior in MP. I want to become a wildlife photographer (my life dream). Photography is my hobby, whenever I have free time I always capture pictures from different motives. But I don't know how to become a pro photographer?

So please help me like:

- which course do you recommend for my photography dream?

- Tell me how much mony do I need to invest in this course?

- In India how many institutes provide the degree of photography, especiall in Madhya Pradesh.

Please reply sir
Thank you

Jun 20, 2012
My new wildlife photography e-course
by: Tobias

Hello everyone,

the demand for photography courses is growing drastically - especially in the wildlife area!

I know that many of you need someone who has the knowledge to guide you along the way.

That's why I am really happy to announce my new photography course entitled "Learn And Master Digital Wildlife Photography".

Learn & Master Digital Wildlife Photography e-course

This is a complete package that teaches you all the basics you need to know if you intend to enter the wildlife genre.

Find out more about this new photography course.

All the best,

Jul 08, 2012
Wildlife photography
by: Arpit

hey i wanna know about the duration of the wildlife courses your offering??

Jul 13, 2012
Duration of the course
by: Tobias

Hi, this is a "learn at your own pace" course. The core is the 70+ pages ebook that teaches you the basic wildlife photography skills.

You will also receive the audio version of this course so that you can listen on the go (it's in mp3 file format and works with any mobile player or smartphone). By the way, it was professionally recorded!

If you are quick you can do the course in a couple of days but that's not the best way to learn in my opinion.

Ideally you should strive to put one or two hours away each day for the course. Also it's highly recommended to practise while you learn (your local zoo might be the best learning spot - by far!)

All the best,

Aug 07, 2013
wild life photography NEW
by: sridhar

Hi sir.....
I am sridhar im a professional photo & vediographer
im intreated and its my dreem to become a wildlife photographer.
How should i start
where and how to submit photographs
How to submit a magazine.
Sir me
thank u ..

Aug 18, 2013
wildlife photography NEW
by: Manisha

hi dis is Manisha. i hve complete B.Sc.(zbc). i wouldlike to become a wildlife photographer, but i don't know how to becum a wildlife photographer. so plz tell me best photography course and college.

Aug 30, 2013
want to know the institutes in south india NEW
by: Gowtham

sir,I'm gowtham from tamil nadu,i'm just doing my higher studies,i really want to become a wildlife photographer, please advise me the institutes in south india

Jun 21, 2014
want some info. NEW
by: mayur kanojia

hello sir, this is mayur from mumbai i want to learn wildlife photography . so please suggest me that the best institute in all over mumbai . so as fast as i can learn from there .& ont thing also about this that is this corse cost more???

Jul 08, 2014
i really love wildlife NEW
by: aryan kacchvay

Hi I m Aryankacchvay
I really want to be wildlife photographer it's my
Passion nd now I m in 12 th class nd I want to get
Admission in best institute for my courier I need always to be a wildlife photographer nd i 'll do my work in very disciplined manner bcoz I love nature but I love most animals

Oct 26, 2014
2011 i have commented in this website that i cant die without become a wildlife photographer. Now i can die any time ofcourse mt dream came true NEW
by: Kavitha

Respected Tobias Sir.Its me kavitha 4 years back i had shared my wildlife photography dream.Now i m happy to share with u that i m am a wildlife photographer. 2011 i didnt even hve camera but full of confident n mad about wildlife still. Need u thank ur encouraging reply that y not forget ur reply in my life.My article also published in paper.One of my photo had been published in best photo of the day my national geographic team in fb sir.Need to share my achievement with u sir.

Oct 26, 2014
2011 i have commented in this website that i cant die without become a wildlife photographer. Now i can die any time ofcourse mt dream came true NEW
by: Kavitha

Respected Tobias Sir.Its me kavitha 4 years back i had shared my wildlife photography dream with u.Now i m happy to share with u that i m am a wildlife photographer. 2011 i didnt even hve camera but full of confident and mad about wildlife still. Need to thank ur encouraging reply thats y not yet forgot ur reply in my life.My article also published in paper.One of my photo had been published in best photo of the day my national geographic photographer's group in fb sir.Need to share my achievement with u sir.

Dec 02, 2014
wild photographer NEW
by: Vinod Parashar

Dear Sir this is Vinod Parashar Ihave done my BA my age is 28 year. I am from sonepat, haryana, India. I want to become a wild photographer. But I don't have any camera, bt whatever I want become a wild photographer. So please guide to me through my contact number or mail-id

Feb 12, 2015
dk NEW
by: Anonymous

i m deepak kumar from rajasthan.i live in dungarpur.
i m photografar and video grafar.
sir i larn more photografi.
how can i larn waild photografi plz riply me.i have no idea sir g.i m student.

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