Institutes that offer wildlife photography courses in India

by Kaushik Bhar

Hi! My name is Kaushik Bhar. I am in INDIA and I want to learn wildlife photography. I want to learn photography under u. How can I go there? I know photoshop. Right now I'm doing a job. Please help me. Do u name some of the institute where I can do a course in wildlife photography course. Please help me. I need your help. I saw the great website.

Thank you so much!!!


Hi Kaushik,

for me it seems that wildlife photography is one of the hottest areas of photography (at least in these days) becuase I receive a lot of emails regarding wildlife. And the second trend I identified is that a lot of my visitors are looking for an education in India!

I am totally honest and I am currently more involved in photography schools and courses in Europe, the United States and Canada. I just have one serious article on my website which is related to the Asia-Pacific area. That's the Photography School Asia in Bangkok.

I first need to identify the educational institutes in the Asia-Pacific area (especially India). I really want to help people interested in professional photography in this area. Indeed, in the long run I want to cover all photography institutes around the world.

I am really sorry that I have no specific information about institutes in India. There's one website with a selection of Art Colleges in India. Please note that in Europe and the USA you can study photography at "Art Schols" (photography art schools) - they see Photography as an art (and I think that's true).

Have a look at this site about education in India.

Maybe there's an institution in your area.
I personally just can recommend to first get the right education. Yes, it can be quite expensive during this learning-curve, but it will help you later when you are ready to work and earn money. Learn the basics and get your photography degree (yes, it's a piece of paper but that paper can be worth a lot).

Sorry again that I can't be more specific with photography institutes in India. I will expand this area onto my website soon.

Greetings to India!!

All the best,

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