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Thank you for visiting (AKA "BPC").

I am Tobias, the founder and editor behind this site... have I told you that I am absolutely addicted to photography? Well, I think you already guessed it, right? :-)

The digital revolution in recent years changed the way of photography. It might have been an "elite" hobby in the past decades, but is now found in nearly every household. You are now uncoupled from the "classic film" and that thrills you, as well as millions of other people around the globe!

Nowadays, most of us carry a digital camera everywhere and anytime, right? Digital cameras simply enable you to perpetuate the most beautiful moments in your life!

Compact point-and-shoot cameras took households by storm and are great to make a couple of snap-shots. But, with digital SLR cameras you are entering a whole new world! This is where you can really get creative and make photos just like the professionals.

Photography Love...

For me, photography is more than a passion. It's a way of life! (I believe so strong in it that I used that as my slogan for the BPC website)

I just LOVE photography. It doesn't even matter if it's a job or just for fun.

Myself on a photography tour over the roofs of Dubrovnik, Croatia Myself on a photography tour through Dubrovnik, Croatia

Over the years I've also learned a couple of great lessons: Photography is amazing, yes. But helping other people lift their photography skills to the next level is outstanding!

And that's why I've been building this website. To help YOU!

My blood, sweat and tears is in this website.

My grandfather was an aircraft test engineer - and also a passionate photgrapher. Just recently I digitalised his giant collection of slides and I want to share two excellent shots with you:

Two men hanging on an aircraft propeller Two men hanging on an aircraft propeller

He once was in Africa with his team and one of his buddies made a shot that will stay in my mind for the rest of my life. It's soooo simple, I know.

But it has so much to say. Those four guys walking across the runway (just like the heroes of the famous movie "Armageddon"). The difference? This photography is over 50 years old and it's real. Oh, and the left man in the orange overall is my grandfather.

My grandfather with three buddies walking across the runway in Africa Four men walking across the runway in Africa

Just a picture?

No. It's A LOT more!


Photography is so much more than "Megapixels". It's about the emotions that you can awake in the viewer!

A photo that is over 50 years old inspires grand children like me. After all, it was the reason why I started BPC. Indeed, I've been able to build a real (and profitable) company around it!

I hope you can now understand what photography means to me. Indeed, I would even say that a single photograph can change a people's life (which is true and I am living proof, but don't get me started on that one ;-)).

Why do you need first hand photography guidance?

If you want to improve your photography skills, you now have a wide range of choices. There are many courses that you can comfortably study online. Depending on your personal motivation, there are also many things that are best learned in person (maybe you need someone who is prepared to answer your questions).

Of course, if you are very serious about digital photography and want to become a professional photographer (make a living with photography) - your first choice should be a top photography school or college (Hallmark school of photography and Brooks school of photography are excellent choices).

Why just take photos if you can create memories for life?

A photograph really says more than 1,000 words. It just speaks for itself.

I love sunsets! All the colors, the shadows and this special flair - it's priceless, isn't it? In the photograph below you can see one of my favorite sunset shots.

Sunset photograph trough reed on the island of Vir, Croatia Sunset shot through reed

For the picture below I even made an adventurous trip to an open cave in the Alps. There was this nice little waterfall that magically came from the border of the cave.

Waterfall coming from the border of a cave (Garmisch Partenkirchen, in the Alps) Shooting under a nice little waterfall

What about a simple wooden trail? I love this photograph (and meanwhile it also decorates my living room wall ;-))

Wooden trail through the Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia Wooden trail in the Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

Things to consider before choosing a photography course...

Remember that there's a lot involved in digital photography. Before you plan your "photography future" in detail, you should take some time and investigate your possibilities. When you know what you want to accomplish you will be well prepared.

  • What are your goals in photography? (start from scratch, improve your skills, make the shift from photography enthusiast to professional etc.)

  • Are you looking for a special type of photography course? (wildlife, wedding, fashion etc.)

  • Study from the comfort of your home with online photography courses?

  • Apply for a virtual seat in one of the many online photography schools?

  • Do you truly want to turn your passion into a profession? Accredited art schools might be your first choice.

  • Do you already have the technical equipment? Or do you first need to get one? (depending on your goals - this might not be an easy decision...)

  • What about your budget? Keep in mind that specific courses or schools can cost you a small fortune!

  • And more...

This information should help you with your photography future. But we are also here to avoid rushed decisions that are often avoidable. We provide you with detailed reviews of the top photography schools around the globe.

And yes, we even find the lesser known courses and schools which often turn out to be nothing less than "raw diamonds".

No matter what, the right information, valuable tips, motivation and willingness to learn will ultimately turn you into a savvy photographer!

Photo of Tobias, founder and editor of

Who is this website for?

This site is geared towards ambitious and enthusiastic photographers. It doesn't matter if you are just starting out. If you are as enthusiastic as I am when it comes to photography and want to learn...yes, this website is for you. provides you with expert tips on photography courses which will help you become the best photographer that you can be!

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