The Gorgeous Images of Cambodia Photographic Tour

To say that the Images of Cambodia Photographic Tour is unique would be something of an understatement.

Many people have decided to travel and photograph the most popular landscapes and cultures in the world (western U.S., cities of Europe, beauty of Costa Rica etc.) Few people have put this nation on their "have to" list.

Maybe they should. Here are the highlights of the tour, as presented on the organizer's Website:

  • Remote/rarely visited sites

  • Scenic Cambodian countryside

  • Tropical island scenery

  • Village life/street scenes/markets

  • Phnom Penh

  • Bangkok

Of course, under the guidance of "professional travel photographer" Nathan Horton, you also get "hands on photographic assistance, photo tips and advice, photo presentation" and more.

Samples of the Images of Cambodia photography tour

Horton lives in Cambodia, which will certainly help you enjoy one of the "most stimulating photographic environments in the world." Participants not only enjoy some of the most amazing scenery-and-landscape photo opportunities, they also have the chance to interact with local residents.

Learning about the culture of Cambodia may be one of the top benefits of the tour!

Thrill to the parrots and monkeys on the jungle trek while also "discovering temples hidden deep in the jungle. The country offers hundreds of animal and plant species for photography and general enjoyment.

Find villages and Buddhist sites that have changed little over the centuries. Suffice to say that variety is a key feature of this tour.

A beautiful photograph of the ruined Phnom Bekheng temple in Cambodia The ruined Phnom Bakheng temple, Cambodia

The Images of Cambodia Photographic Tour is an 11 day/10 night trip if you leave from London. It's 9 days/8 nights starting in Phnom Penh. Accommodations include twin/shared rooms with air conditioning and "ensuite bathroom."

Tours are arranged each month, with availability throughout the year. Groups are usually composed of a minimum of four people. Your group will be limited to 10 people.

Arrangements are generally "bed and breakfast" though Horton will make recommendations for "restaurants and local dishes." Foot travel/hiking is considered easy, with a maximum of three or four hours per day.

What's the price for this fantastic tour?

Basic price is 2,210 GBP with departure from London or $1,310 with departure from Phnom Penh.

The only exception is the late December tour ($2,410). It will not be necessary to obtain a visa in advance because a

"30 day visa is issued on arrival at Phnom Penh airport."

You will need a passport photo and $20 for this visa.

Staff for the Images of Cambodia Photographic Tour includes individuals with years of experience in South East Asia as well as individuals who are very experienced in planning travel in this area.

Interesting to know: Cambodia is a constitutional monarchy on the Indochina Peninsula. The population is approximately 15 million, with about 95 percent of the population following Buddhism.

How to book your tour?

Start your search for further information by checking out their website (or drop them a mail)

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