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Fashion Photography Schools

If you're into fashion photography, it's nice to know that there is a plethora of fashion photography schools sprinkled all throughout the United States. In major fashion cities, such as New York and Los Angeles, there are many schools of photography, simply because fashion is alive and well in those cities.

However, these are not the only places that feature photography schools devoted to the art of fashion. Such schools can also be found in Canada and other small towns around the world.

You can find fashion photography schools in Charlotte, North Carolina and cities, such as Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. The Art Institute of Charlotte is well noted for offering a wide variety of degree programs.

These programs include bachelors and associates degrees. Priding itself on its focus on the creative arts, this school focuses on fashion photography for both the beginner and expert.


The Art Institute is a national chain that has schools in a number of different US cities!

Of course, that is not the only school that specializes in creative fashion photography. This umbrella school has locations all across the country.

Fashion experts an other professional photographers agree that The Art Institute is one of the best opportunities to delve into fashion and photography. The Art Institute is a national chain with schools in a number of US cities:

For important things to consider when shooting fashion - have a look at these fashion photography tips.

Heard of the "Brooks Institute of Art"?

Of course, knowing what coursework you want to take will benefit you greatly. The Brooks Institute of Art is a great option if you're looking to study fashion photography. Offering courses in a wide array of photography subjects, the school is quite diverse, especially for one who is interested in fashion photography.

If you're pursuing a career in this field, chances are that you'll find yourself in both arts and communications courses. Graphic and computer design is also factored into the fashionable equation.

As a fashion photography school, Brooks Institute offers courses in what they call

"glamour photography".

Students who take courses in glamour photography learn how to create photos portraying images fashionable trends that fare well in the fashion industry. Fashion photography can be lumped into the areas of advertising and communications, simply because you're communicating through fashionable trends - trends that make millions annually.

Woman on catwalk - photographers in the background. Woman on catwalk - photographers in the background

Glamour photography, experts say, can be applied to a wide variety of media venues. Fashion photography finds its way into society through billboards, TV and other places that market fashionable trends and clothing.

For the most part, fashion photography is used to sell a product, such as clothing or jewelry.

Jewelry model Jewelry model

The Brooks Institute prides itself on its fashion photography program, and offers seminars on a regular basis.

Before you start...

Know what kind of photography degree you want!

If you're pursuing a career in fashion photography, it's important to know what kind of degree you want. You can get an art certificate or a higher level bachelor's degree, depending on the school.

Smaller colleges tend to have more limited course offerings, so finding a school that specializes specifically in photography will help you graduate more quickly. Transferring credits takes time.

And as any student knows, time is precious when it comes to tuition. Knowing the top photography schools will help you find the right school for your interests and educational goals.

Fashion photography in a studio. Fashion photography in a studio

One of the best fashion photography institutes...

The Academy of Art University is a top choice for many fashion photography hopefuls. Found in San Francisco in 1929, the school offers courses in:

  • photo journalism
  • fashion photography
  • and digital photography.

These are just a few choices, of course, but the school has a wide variety of career paths available. Many of these paths can be applied to other aspects of art and communication. The can be used in the fields of broadcast news and journalism.

This is because just about every news article requires photography. Fashion magazines and women's literature is rich in fashion photography.

How to choose your photography school?

Choosing fashion photography schools can be done easily online. While many fashion photography schools only offer certificates, bachelors and associate's degrees, top notch fashion photography schools take it a step further.

Before signing on for a top level school, you need to make sure fashion photography is available as a major, experts say. You will also need to consider what photography equipment you will need to buy. Many programs require you to buy fancy cameras and up to date software. Many schools provide you with computers.

If you're looking for a career in fashion photography, there is a wide variety of schools in Virginia, Florida and Texas. Of course, finding the right school for you will depend on your own fashion interests. Keep looking, and you will find a school that fits your style!

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