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Digital SLR Photography Tips

Those who want to take exceptional photographs even under difficult circumstances, including sparse light and moving objects, use a digital SLR camera.

Personally speaking, I believe that you simply must use a quality camera from a certain point. Of course, if you just want to do some snapshots - you will likely never need to buy such a high level device.

The good news is that prices for such cameras are continuously falling.

There are two components: The camera "body" and the "lenses". The latter is where you should invest your money (if you can afford it).

Why? Simply because there are extreme differences between lenses!

So, if you have the money, I would personally recommend to purchase a professional lens. The body won't last forever, but a professional lens might be even used by your children...

Basically there are few limits when shooting with a digital SLR camera. If you are a creative person with the necessary technical knowledge for the camera - add passion to the mix and you will be able to shoot amazing photos!

And don't worry. It takes time to acquire the skills needed to create such a piece of art (yes, photography in it's basic terms is ART).

But if you master the basic things you will be amazed what you can accomplish. And what I also love about photography is the fact that you will never "finish" learning. Photography is a form of art that you can fine tune during your entire life. A life that can be very well documented :-)

This photo shows the visual effect that a simple field depth can create Field depth with palm tree

A very basic photography technique is to adapt the field depth according to your wihses. It's relatively easy to do and with this "simple", yet highly effective visual effect - you will create more professionalism to the photo. It just looks great!

A beautiful (and old) wine barrel - ideally to practise some field depth with your camera An old wine barrel - now used for rain water

One thing that opens a whole new world with you photography ventures: shooting by night! Everyting looks different at night. Well, maybe not everything - but A LOT! Just think of the skyline

In the picture above you can see the field depth on the left side of the wine barrel (now used as a water barrel). The middle of the photo is sharp and crystal clear. The left side is ambiguous. Oh, do you know the age of this wine barrel? Over 100 years! It's unbelievable, isn't it?

Shooting by night is so much fun with a digital SLR camera. This photo shows the Allianz Arena in Munich, Germany by night. Munich's famous soccer stadium "Allianz Arena" (Germany)

Oh, and one more cool thing. If you want to enter a whole new photography-world - get a tripod and shoot at night! It's amazing what you you do with your camera even if there's no light. Just think about the megacities with their beautiful skylines. It's fantastic!

In the picture above you can see one of my night-shots. In this case it was the famous "Allianz Arena", a soccer stadium in Munich, Germany. The stadium even changes the color from time to time.

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This is a collection of articles containing all kinds of digital SLR photography tips. As you might know, there are a lot of possibilities to be creative with SLR cameras. The only limit is your imagination and if you become better and better you will see the advantage of digital SLR cameras.

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