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Update: The site is growing tremendesly - and that's fantastic! But the daily requests had become far too much. So, please FIRST read the submission-guidelines below:

One plea from the author:

The BPC website has - what I call - "a positive problem". The site is growing by leaps and bounds (just think about our Facebook Fan Page that has more than 4,000 fans now!). Nevertheless, the daily mail of BPC is also growing exponentially and we need to focus on our business - which is all about providing excellent content that helps ambitious photographers! The "email-flood" needs to be properly managed - and we came up with this:

5 easy steps that help us with the mail flood & you to get an answer:


1. Before asking a question - please do a search via our search box in the upper right corner.

2. If you have questions on photography courses or schools - please use our dedicated photography advice page!!!

3. Please triple check that your E-Mail address is correct - otherwise I can't respond to your inquiry (you wouldn't believe how many people fail to provide their correct E-Mail address...)

4. No, we are currently NOT providing photography courses, lessons or 1:1 trainings.

5. Finally, please provide enough details in your inquiry so that we can provide a well-grounded answer (questions like "Could you please provide all the information about photography" will be deleted immediately).

Thanks in advance for understanding.

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