Brooks School of Photography

Tucked away within the borders of California, you will find the Brooks school of photography. As one of the country's biggest media hot spots, California offers a wealth of photography careers, opportunities and bustling cities to help inspire the photographer in every budding student and entrepreneur.

Of course, it is the strong sense of entrepreneurial spirit that brings throngs of students to the Brooks Institute every year. It's small wonder that the school is so attractive to those hoping to land jobs in trendy American cities and locations around the world. When compared to other photography institutions, the Brooks Institute seems to stand out from the rest.

It is geared primarily toward photography, but its course offerings are not limited to that alone. Founded in 1945, the Brooks school of photography was created to teach students who wished to become professional photographers.

Of course, it didn't take long for the school to grow beyond its expectations. Located in Santa Barbara, the school prides itself for offering degree programs in photojournalism, graphic design, and filmmaking. In its 65 years of service, the school has changed and has consequently become well-loved by photography students from all over.

As of this year, students said they loved the school so much that they couldn't wait for a new semester to begin.

Partners with outside media businesses...

The nice thing about the college, students say, is its hands-on approach to learning. The Brooks school of photography partners with outside media businesses and outlets, so students have even more opportunities to advance.

Not only does the school cater to amateurs; it also welcomes those who hope to expand their current photography careers. Professors are not simply teachers; they are "world leaders" who have worked hands-on for high profile media venues, such as the motion picture industry.

Graduates of the Brooks Institute are making a real difference in the media industry today. Roughly 7,000 Brooks graduates have gone on to work for premiere media venues all around the world. Brooks graduates contribute to just about every aspect of commercial society today.

The fashion industry and Hollywood celebrities have opened a world of opportunities to Brooks graduates. According to the school, even Starbucks ads have been designed by some of the school's alums.

Brooks institute ultimately created successful careers!

The school's benefits are not limited to its California campus alone. The Brooks website features links to graduates' websites. This, of course, not only shows the school's success as an institution; it also shows that it has transformed lives and has ultimately created successful careers.

You can view these websites by visiting

Many students receive financial aid from outside sources, but the Brooks Institute of Photography can also help you obtain financial aid that is independent from previous loans. The school has professionals who specialize in helping you obtain financial aid from either the government or other organizations.

You must make sure you have paid off previous loans before you apply for more financial aid through the school.

You will need to obtain a pin number to qualify for financial aid that is provided by the federal government, the Brooks website said. In addition to providing proof that you've graduated high school, you will also need to prove that you have a financial need. You will also need to maintain passing grades to continue receiving financial aid.

Get inspired...

Black and white portrait of a woman Perfect black and white portrait

A lot of prospective students want to study fields that are outside photography. However, many change their minds, after meeting school officials. Programs and opportunities are so great that many are inspired by their approach to photography and choose to follow that career path. Many students discover a true love for photography by taking courses at the Brooks school of photography.

Faculty is another big part of the school. Because the school focuses on different aspects of photography, the school's faculty is well-versed in teaching students how to use video cameras for the purpose of shooting film.

The School of Visual Journalism highlights three professors: Anacleto Rapping, Paul Meyers, Michael Sterns, and Greg A. Cooper. When put together, these professors create a comprehensive learning experience for students hoping to tell a story through photography.

Finding a great photography school is not difficult. There are many around the world, offering different programs and degree programs. However, one of the greatest is located on America's west coast—right in the heart of Santa Barbara.

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